Addiction drugs

Designer Drugs

Designer drugs are artificially designed synthetic drugs which are chemically modified in order to create a stronger effect. One example of this is ecstasy which produces amphetamine-like effect and heightened hallucinatory effects too.

There are different signs and symptoms to tell if someone is on designer drugs. Most of these signs can be seen in one’s behavior and at the same time some of its physical symptoms can also be evident with dependence on designer drugs.

Designer drugs like Ecstasy usually produce some hallucinatory effects and a euphoric sense.  It also triggers high blood pressure as well as increased beating of the heart, and toxicity to kidney and live. Poor memory is also evident in those who take designers drugs.

Here are some signs and symptoms when one is already dependent on designer drugs:


One effect of designer drugs is delusion which is sometimes a form of hallucination.  People with delusion can sometimes project a certain anti-social behaviour. They have different perceptions on reality and have difficulty synchronizing with it.

Perception Impaired

Another effect of this drug is the difference in perception of an individual.  For this reason, one will not be able to distinguish one’s environment and instead perceive it in a different way.

Significant Behavioral Changes

Prolonged intake of designer drugs can lead one to a behavioral changes which include aggressiveness and over confidence.  Sometimes, it will lead to a more serious anti-social problem that will eventually become a prevalent problem for an individual taking designer drug.

Increase in blood pressure and heart rate

Another symptom for an individual who is dependent with designer drugs is the tendency to have an above normal blood pressure and at the same time increased in heart rate. Sometimes, too much intake can also lead to serious problems and eventually death.

The dangers of drug experimentation prove to be lethal.  There are number of deaths which are usually associated with designer drugs abuse.  It is quite alarming that more and more individuals are getting hooked with these kind of drugs.
Most of the time, these drugs are distributed secretly in social events like parties, disco clubs, and other hang out places.  One triggering factor on the prevalence of this drug is due to the fact that most of the users of these drugs are in the early teens creating a more serious drug problem among young people.

Drug rehab for designer drugs addict should be supervised by the physician.  This is done in order to have a control on the craving for such psychoactive effect on individuals especially when the dosage seems to be beyond the normal level.  Designer drugs addicts are also associated with other stimulating substance. This is due to the fact that other substance can be a good alternative for designer drugs. For this reason, an individual who has addiction with designer drugs must also be treated with dependency on other forms of drugs in order to eliminate the addiction problem that besets the individual.