Drug Addiction

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is characterized by the person’s tendency of emotional and psychological dependence on drugs.  It is marked by habitual craving for drugs in order to achieve a satisfying and euphoric reaction.  For this reason, drugs became a part of the body system and the absence of drug in-take will tend to have withdrawal symptoms or the bodily reaction in the absence of drugs.

Drug addiction is one of the leading problems in the society today.  People hooked with drugs tend to impulsively look for the substance. For this reason, their behaviors are very much dependent on their drug intake leading to some physical effects which prove to have negative consequences for them.

Although it is difficult to break the negative habitual tendencies of addiction, nevertheless, it is proven that an individual can race against his craving through his will and can win the battle against drugs.  However, one needs the support of his social life which includes his family and friends in order to have effective drug rehabilitation and treatment.

Most of the drugs which are considered to be addictive include over-the-counter drugs which can be easily available without the doctor’s prescription. Due to its easy accessibility, over the counter drugs are often the type of drugs which are usually abused. Common examples are a class of painkiller drugs like Vicodin, percocet that have narcotic pain relief mechanism affecting a number of people worldwide. Taking advantage of the lenient regulation on over the counter drugs, more people are taking this advantage and get their own dose of addiction.

There are two kinds of drugs that are known to be addictive.  The first one is called the stimulants. Most people called it “uppers”. People taking stimulants would tend to have a keener sense and at the same time become more aggressive.  By the time the effects ultimately wane, drug addicts tend to lose the drug effect and thus start taking off from high feelings. Examples of these are amphetamines, caffeine (which is usually found in coffee), cocaine, and nicotine(the substance found in regular cigarettes).

Another type of addictive drug is the sedative. It works oppositely with the stimulants.  People taking sedatives tend to lower their senses and eventually make one down. Usually, sedatives are the drugs which are usually administered to people who were suffering from hyperactivity. One example is barbiturates.  It is usually taken by someone who had an insomnia. In this way, the body will turn into a relaxed mode.

While these drugs have some therapeutic value, nevertheless, their tendency to be abused are the main cause why they are regulated.  More people are taking advantage in having these drugs without the doctor’s prescription. Although drug addiction is the leading social problem today, nevertheless, it is always the will of the one who would like to undergo a dramatic change that will prevail.
Drug addiction can be easily combated with enough motivation from individual and at the same time pressure from peers to change. In this way, an addict will be motivated towards achieving a goal collectively.